Ramon Ruiz, singer/songwriter from Carluke,Lanarkshire,Scotland

Influenced by my family and friends, I decided to start singing my own songs at open mic nights throughout Scotland. People commented that I had a good strong voice with catchy melodic songs which encouraged me to take my music further.

I have  played several venues through out the world such as Central Park NewYork, Peurto De La Cruiz, Tenerife, London and closer to home in Glasgow and Edinburgh 


 My 3 beautiful daughters, Alysha 21 , Keira and Caitlin 9, are my constant source of inspiration and support.  




Ramon Ruiz is a versatile singer, songwriter, guitarist and Music Coach. He first started performing at local open mic nights in Scotland a far cry from the international audience he is now gaining having performed in London, Tenerife, and New York(Central Park). Song writing has always come easily to Ramon, he could easily write 2 or 3 songs in a weekend. However, being a devoted husband and father of 3 daughters he doesn't write as much as he could, choosing to put his family first, quite right Ramon!

His music - songs

Rather modestly Ramon says that he doesn't think his style is particularly distinctive or different, I have to disagree with this. I think his songs combine various styles, blended seamlessly together to create his own unique sound. I think that his songs have a soulful folk quality with melodies reminiscent of catchy '60s melodies, captured in a contemporary style. They are expertly crafted songs and his strong, smooth voice delivers each line with a depth of expression that is both beautiful and uplifting.